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        Zhuzhou Dayuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive entity engaging in the production and sales of liquid ammonia, ammonia water, industrial water treatment agent and other chemical products. The annual sales volume of liquid ammonia is 100,000 tons, ammonia water is 50,000 tons. It is one of the largest liquid ammonia and ammonia water marketing enterprises in Hunan.
        The company has signed product guarantee agreements with many synthesis ammonia and ammonia water manufacturers, thus we have sufficient supply. Our products are sold to power, rare earth, metallurgy, chemical fertilizer, steel and other industries in Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian and other provinces. Furhtermore, our company has more than 20 sets of dangerous goods transportation vehicles.
        The company is authorized by the national industrial water treatment research center (CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute). At present, the industrial water treatment products of the company has been applied in metallurgy, steel, power, chemical and other industries.
        Self-discipline and social commitment, pursuit of the supreme good. The company adheres the operation philosophy of 'the quality is superior to price'. Insisting on the operation strategy of integrity based, mutual benefit and reciprocity, we strive to provide the colleagues of all circles with excellent products and services for mutual development and success.

        Enterprise Culture:
        Self-discipline and social commitment, pursuit of the supreme good
        Integrity based, mutual benefit and reciprocity
        Long-term development, common success

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